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Jan 20, 2013 9:30am PST
's not just about dealing with the fiscal crisis. it's about education, research and development, controlling our energy future. all of these are part of the equation, and we can't just do one piece of it. >> roughly 24 hours from now we will hear the president lay out some of those plans for the course of the next four years. david playofoffe, the president completed writing his remarks. now we just wait to hear what he has to say. >> and there were other active tifs involving the vice president. he was sworn in for a second time today. tell us about that. >> that took place about 8:20 this morning. he was sworn in by his choosing by the justice sonia sotomayor. a lot of people were asking why did that happen roughly 8:00 this morning. because the justice is actually on book tour right now. she had a previous commitment in new york. she had to hustle to a train to make that commitment in new york city today. so it took place early this morning. vice president joe biden surrounded by his family over at the naval observatory, his residence, for the swearing-in. only a matter of hours ago today
Jan 19, 2013 4:00am PST
% unemployment. must be some targeted jobs planning and, of course, it's cheaper to educate than incarcerate. >> i remember most poignant memories about election night was a picture of you with tears streaming down your cheeks there in grand park, and i'm wondering if you have the same sort of combination of joy and hope that that expressed to me about the next four years? >> you know, it was both the joy and the journey, because i thought about the people who really made the voting rights possible. a guy named carter, james, a guy that was killed and jimmy lee jackson, of course, another jamed during that season, and the martyrs who made it -- their blood -- they could not be there. either dead or -- i thought about that journey. the joy of president barack obama winning. i must say, in these last four years i'm impressed with what he has done. we were minus 4 million jobs. more americans are insured. more youth have pell grants. registry, in detroit, the number one truck, the ram, number one car, the cadillac, and more troops out of iraq. tremendous odds, against tremendous odds, he has do
Jan 19, 2013 9:00am PST
lot more opportunity to address things that really matter, like jobs, like education, immigration reform is not something that's just championed by the congressional hispanic caucus. at this point, with the democratic caucus numbers, the minority in the democratic caucus now in the house are white males. so you have a rainbow coalition inside the house. and folks want to see an agenda that looks and reflects the face of america. >> if you look at the amount of time the president has, there's probably one or two of these big issues you bring up that are possible to tackle. which one do you think he should do first? >> i guess gun control. he's already started with the executive actions, just recently taken. of course he needs congress' support on the assault ban. he also needs to immediately address immigration reform. >> angela rye, we'll see if he listens to you. thank you very much. >>> next up, senior adviser for the presidential inaugural committee, ben labolt, tells us what to expect from the president's speech. wears off. [ female announcer ] stop searching and start repairi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)